Summer 2023

New Build Site 1b, 2023 - 167 Morrison Point Rd.

We continued the work to the east of the schoolhouse with 10 - 15m more wall being created this year.

Spring 2023:

Fall 2023:
167 2023 Fall

Restoration Site 10, 2023 - 355 Morrison Pt. Rd.

We have rebuilt the 25m wall in front of the sheep barn. The original wall that was built circa 1870 had collapsed. We moved the wall to the north by about 1.5m and put curves in it to allow several well-established trees to continue to live.

Spring 2023:

August 2023:
355 After

Restoration Site 11, 2023 - 370 Morrison Point Rd. lane way gate

We had some fun with innovative elements in this rebuild project on the south side of road, including the integration of large erratic, and the construction of a smoot. The smoot allows water to run safely under the wall, and allows small animals to cross the wall without going over or around.

370 2023 Fall

The smoot
270 2023 smoot

Summer 2022

2022 was an ambitious year for the project team with three separate projects. We built 25 m of new wall. We rebuilt 15 m of wall and conducted 53 sessions. Our most popular times were the Friday sessions, where on one day we had 12 volunteers. We also collected an additional 30 yards of stone. That means that in 2023 we don’t need to collect nearly as much stone.

Restoration Site 9, 2022 - 505 Morrison Pt. Rd.

A failing segment of the Anthony wall was rebuilt.

505 MoPoRo

505 in 2022

Restoration Site 10, 2022 - 542 Morrison Pt. Rd.

The Margulies project is complete.

542 MoPoRo

After, 2022:
542 after

In progress:
542 MoPoRo In progress:

New Build Site 1 - 167 Morrison Point Rd.

We continue to extend the new wall (this is the third year) to cover the eastern part of the land on the north side of the road.




167 in 2022

Summer 2021

The 2021 season included the last of the essential repairs at 505 Morrison Point Road, and the extension of the new wall at 167 Morrison Point Rd.

Restoration Site 6, 2021 - 505 Morrison Pt. Rd.

Site 6 before

Fall 2021:
Site 6 after

Restoration Site 7, 2021 - 505 Morrison Pt. Rd.


Fall 2021:
Site 7 after

Restoration Site 8, 2021 - 505 Morrison Pt. Rd.


Fall 2021:
Site 8 after

New Build Site 1 - 167 Morrison Point Rd.

We continued to assist a neighbor in his long term goal of extending his wall to cover the eastern part of his lands on the north side of the road. Another 40 feet or so was added this year.

September, 2021:
Sept 2021

Summer 2020

New Build Site 1 - 167 Morrison Point Rd.

Our 2020 project was the creation of a portion of wall next to the old school house at 167 Morrison Point Rd. Originally, there were stone walls along the west and north of the school yard, but these had fallen into serious decline as the brush and trees around them had taken over. The north stone wall became the source for most of the stones used in this new build, so they were moved a couple hundred feet to their new, more prominent location.

Spring 2020:

October 18, 2020

2019 Projects

In 2019, we took on three projects at 505 Morrison Pt. Rd. These were not as large as the 2018 projects, but addressed seriously collapsing segments of the wall.

Restoration Site 5, 2019 - 505 Morrison Pt. Rd.

Project 5 before

September 15, 2019:
Project 5 after

Restoration Site 4, 2019 - 505 Morrison Pt. Rd.

Project 4 before

August 13, 2019:
Project 4 after

Restoration Site 3, 2019 - 505 Morrison Pt. Rd.

Project 3 before

July 23, 2019:
Project 3 after

Summer and Fall 2018

Our second project looked simple at the start. Approximately ten feet of wall had collapsed and it looked like a straightforward rebuild. However, as we started cleaning up the fallen stones, we discovered that much of the adjacent wall was about to collapse as well. So ten feet turned into almost forty feet, and a pleasant weekend project ended up taking almost five months. Brave souls worked through subzero temperatures, 90 km winds and blowing snow to finish this segment on November 10, 2018. Thanks to Laura for being a gracious host and keeping the team well hydrated.

Restoration Site 2, 2018 - 505 Morrison Pt. Rd.

505 MoPoRo site no. 2

November 10, 2018
505 MoPoRo site no. 2

April 2018 - Stone Wall Restoration Weekend

Our first repair workshop was held on April 28-29 2018, where we worked on the wall at 505 Morrison Point Rd. (Accommodating Bay Trailer Park). This property is the west half of Lot 3 Concession 1, north of Morrison Point Road. The land was originally owned by Henry and William MacDonald, and then by 1834 by the Hubbs family (Robert, Benjamin, Robert Alva) until 1937 when the Smiths opened a trailer park and camp ground.

Restoration Site 1 - 505 Morrison Pt. Rd.

505 MoPoRo

After: April 30, 2018

To all of you who helped out, great job. Gratitude to:

Article from the Belleville Intelligencer, April 30, 2018.